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My name is Vijay and I am 17 years old quite fair handsome and well built. My dad is a business man quite handsome like me but seems to be more concerned about money and his business. I am the only son to my parents. My mom,is 38 years,height of 5'4" and is a virtual sex bomb, with the most sexy boobs measuring 38D and with a round smooth ass to match, she has almost a flat stomach with the right amount of curves in the right places. She is fully aware of her sex appeal and loves to flaunt it. Though she wears only sarees, she wears the sexiest blouses, her boobs seems to spill from her skimpiest tight blouses displaying her cleavage for all to feast on. Her sexy back is hardly covered and her ass and boobs bounce as she walks. She wears her sari below her sexy navel. Most of the time I am the only one in the house to see her in various stages of undress . And she is aware that her assets are a sight to behold. In my dads absence she is even bolder in her dress or undress. She enjoys herself when some one admires her and gives a naughty smile.

My bedroom is next to parents bedroom and many a times I can hear my moms moaning and sexy sounds when they made love. Apart from the sarees my mom wears, at night she wears transparent nighties which almost shows off her sexy silky thighs and her bra and panties are clearly visible thru the nightie. This is obviously to tease my dad to fuck her maybe. This sight is enough for me to get a hard on.

I normally surf the internet on my computer at night normally the porn sites and then go to sleep. I need no one else to fantazise about when I masterbate and I collect my moms sexy wet panties from the top of our washing machine, which she seems to keep for me to shag in. She has almost four regular pairs of panties, a red, white, black and fawn colour, each day I get to see a different one and they are always wet with her musky cunt juices. They are so sexy to touch and must be hardly covering her enormous ass.

During the day I used to be in college upto 2 pm. and my mom had joined a computer class close to our house in the mornings. She had joined to learn internet browsing and the basics. She was quite interested in computers afterwards and used to sit on my computer which was in my bedroom. I used to sleep in my bedroom after college. After some days I was introduced to a young handsome college going boy named Roshan by my mom, who she said teaches her computers. He was just out of colllege and looked well built and sexy, maybe in his early twenties. He used to visit our house often then and my mom and Roshan used to both sit on my computer and browse the net. He seems to be more than a teacher to my mom, they were both quite freely with each other and joke and laugh a lot. Both of them seems to enjoy each others company and even pat each other. My mom seem to get quite excited by his company and his phone calls which were quite regular. She used to even wear sexier blouses and now even the sleeveless ones. I used to leave them alone in my bedroom and only go when I wanted to sleep in the afternoon. I use to see them sitting quite close to each other. Later on I used to check up the history option in the internet browser to see what sites they visited and I was shocked and even excited that they used to browse the adult sites more often. My mom seems addicted to browsing the net and this surprised me at the same time excited me.


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