Joy With Animal

I will describe my exciting sexual adventures with animals. WE live in Chennai. Our native place is a small village called Pussypet in Ramnad District which is one day’s travel by train from Chennai. We use to go to the village every summer vacation. We were about 4 or 5 boys and 3 girls studying in schools. We were all relatives.

That year during school holidays we went to Pussypet in May. It was quite a hot season. But the tiny village was charming and attractive. There were only 20 families in the village. Everybody knows everybody there. Our uncle was the headman in the village. We have a very huge house there with a beautiful garden surrounding it. Apart from that we have a barnyard where animals are kept. We have cows, deers, goats and buffalos apart from ox, dog, hens and horse.

I was attracted by a small deer which was golden in colour and very attractive. Somehow the small deer aroused the sex feelings in me. I used to caress the deer on the back and felt the skin very tender and soft. One day it was very hot in the afternoon and all elders were dozing off after a good meal. My other friends were all engaged in some reading and cleaning. I was standing at the entrance of the house. I saw the deer outside the house. I had sexual thoughts. I beckoned the deer to come to me. I looked here and there to ensure no one is seeing me. I took the deer and slowly walked to the next garden. The garden was full of trees and lot of shade and it was a cool and cozy place. I took the deer to a secluded spot. I showed my arm near its mouth. It licked my hands. I was thrilled at the feeling. I let the deer lick my full hand from the wrist to the arm pit. The deer licked me fully and its saliva was on my hands. I was fully aroused and my penis became stiff. Slowly I removed my shirt and allowed the deer to lick my chest, tummy and hips. It was a greatest sensation for me. I also sat down and made the animal lick my face. The deer’s mouth and lips were very inviting and sexy for me. It licked my chins, face, forehead and my lips. My lips were wet with the deer’s saliva. I opened my mouth and slid out my tongue. The deer licked my tongue and I licked the deer’s tongue. I caught the deer’s face with my both hands and sucked its small mouth. I took the deer’s mouth inside my mouth and sucked it fully like sucking ice cream. I also licked its lips to my satisfaction.

Then I lifted my half pant one side and slowly took out my penis. It was erect like a rock. I pulled down the face of the deer towards my penis. The deer brought its mouth near my penis and smelt it. I pressed it down. It licked the tip of my penis. The rough tongue of the deer sliding on my penis ignited my passions to the full. The deer moved its head away from my penis. I pulled it down again. After licking a little it again moved its head. Apparently the deer did not like the taste of my penis. I was really hot with passion. I was also a bit angry with the animal. I pulled its face towards my penis and thrust my penis into the deer’s mouth. And I gave a sound thrashing on the deer’s face. Being afraid of my beating, the deer started to take my penis inside its mouth fully. I also thrust it fully inside its mouth. Then it started to suck my penis as if trying to draw milk from it. It was only a young deer and it used to drink milk from its mother. When it sucked my penis I could enjoy the warmth of its mouth. I could feel the wetness of its saliva, I could feel the heat of its mouth and I could feel the cushion like tongue of the young deer. I started to thrust my penis in a piston like motion inside the deer’s mouth. Amazingly the deer responded by sucking my penis. After a few minutes I could not control myself. I had a big cum inside the deer’s mouth. My penis pumped thick cum at least 7 or 8 times inside the deer’s mouth. And the deer started to like the taste of my cum. It suddenly showed interest in its sucking. It enjoyed the liquid I released inside its mouth. It drank every drop of my semen and was still sucking the penis vigorously. Still I had drops of cum coming out of my penis and the deer swallowed it with satisfaction. After sometime my penis started losing shape and started shrinking. The stiffness was gone and it became like a loosened thread. It became small in size. I pulled it out from the deer’s mouth. My penis was wet with the deer saliva and some of my own cum which was spread by the deer’s mouth. As I stood up to put on my half pant the deer again brought its face to my penis and swalloed it. Again it started to suck my penis. I told the deer: “My little fella…enough for now…we will start again later.

This was my exciting experience with a beautiful deer. I wish every male should enjoy being sucked by an animal. If you have any farmyard experience share with me at


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