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Me And My Chachi.

Sorry, first of all bcoz I am not so fine in story writing I have tried to share my feelings to u in bad English. I will also like to share my story with u this entire incident happen between me and my chachi (my uncle wife) .we started our relation for last 1. Yrs back. My uncle is a software engineer and who is working with a his friends who takes projects and these people solve it he is on contract with his friends so many times he is out of India before this incident happen let me tell give u a small introduction of our family me with my bro sis and mom and dad use to live with my uncle but later my dad purchased a new house for us near by only. After we shifted there my uncle and chachi went abroad and has returned now after 5 yrs with an eight months baby. We had a great time and were very happy to see my new cou . My uncle stayed next a year or so in India. He was working in hybad on contract for 1.5 yrs and after his contract finished he left again to Japan for his job for 2 yrs.
He left cou and chachi with us and told me to take care of both he told me it is a special duty of mine to take care of both and I accepted it. My coo and chichi use to be in our house during the daytime and in the night after dinner cou and me my chichi use to go to aunt house. My cou has become so much to use of my bro and sis that he started to spend his night also in our house. My uncle house had 2 bedrooms a hall kitchen. My chachi and cou use to sleep in bedroom and I use to sleep in hall because I use to watch late night movie so. In India she use to wear saree and some times salwar kameej but many times she use to be in saree only .she use to keep her and cou clothes in a tub and use to wash it in eve so her used bra and panties use to be in tub only whenever I use to go in house when she was not there I use to sniff her panties and bra and use to masturbate with it. Many times I put my cum on her cups of her bra too.

Our incident started last summer. I had my summer vacations so all use to be late. I use to get up late sleep late all late things I use to do. Due to vacations my cou use to daily sleep with my bro and sis as they all use to enjoy and play games there in the late night. As all know the summer heat of Bombay. I use to almost sleep in my min clothes I use to daily sleep only in shorts and nothing else. One night I was watching XXX movie on cable in late night. My chachi came out from her bedroom to drink water she came in hall and asked me why am I not sleeping? I answered due to heat I told that I am feeling very hot so I am not able to sleep. She told me to join her in bedroom where AC was installed. And I agreed it. I off the TV and went to sleep in bedroom. And slept. Next night before going to sleep she told she has kept the bedroom door open and whenever I finish watching TV sleep in bedroom. And I said ok. And after saying this she went to sleep. I after 2 hrs went to sleep I saw that chachi saree is almost up till her knee and her blouse to is open from where her cleavage was nicely visible. I went slept beside to her and saw all this and slept. All this happens for a week or so many times I use to see her thighs a fair thighs.

One night I decided to do something else so I quietly slept and after sometime I touched my feet with her feet there was no response from her so I moved up up up till her thighs and touched with my hand and leg but there was no response from her she dint moved a bit. So I put my leg on her spongy thighs and slept. Next day was nice and that night my cou had came to sleep with us. So for the next 3 days I just saw her and slept. My cou had very bad habit he uses to play with chachi boobs he uses to just put them in mouth. And sleep. So on the last the when I went to sleep I saw my chachi 1 breast is out and it is in my cou mouth and they mouth where in deep sleep I went lied down and started watching her breast. It use to move when she use to breath after sometime I just touched her breast and pinched a little and took my hand off. After some time my chachi woke up for water I was woken up but I had shut up my eyes later she came she put her breast in her bra and put the hook and slept. That was the end of that night.

Next night my cou was not there so my chachi went to sleep early. I went and saw she was facing the wall and her ass was towards me I got very much horny so I also slept in same position and after some time I pushed my self a bit front. Again a bit, again a bit doing like this I pressed my cock in her ass and went to sleep this happened whenever I use to get chance.

But at 1 night I thought to something else. As usual in night I watched the movie and went to sleep that night my cou was not there I saw she was facing me and sleeping I also slept in same position and went to sleep. In between I use to move a bit backward and a stage came when I was almost sleeping in her arm after some time she woke up and moved a bit back doing this way she almost was locked between me and wall. I did same thing for other 2 days but after that again my cou came to sleep and there was a break for 3 days. I did nothing in those three days to her I dint touched her too, though her breast was out I dint touched them. But on 4 nights when cou was not there I did the same and locked her between wall and me .she was sleeping quietly.

Then suddenly I turned my self I was almost touching her body her boobs were easily in my mouth then she woke up and started breathing heavily .I put one of her breast in my mouth she started to breath more heavily we were in these position for almost 1 hour then she became normal then again I took a step forward and started pushing my thigh in her thighs she refused and dint moved I was there in same stage then again I bitted her breast a little and again she started to breath heavily. I moved my face downward and took the other boobs and started to suck in the mean time she put her hand on my back. I got the green signal and again I pushed my thigh first she refused but later she moved her thigh up now one off my thigh was in her thighs after some time I also kept my hand on her back and pulled her towards me and she obeyed me we both were hugging tightly each other. After some time I pulled closer to her a bit on her breast she moaned a bit and put her hand in my shorts and started playing with my ass. I got the positive response from her so I pulled her towards me and I sat on her stomach that day she was sleeping only in petikot and blouse. I took her boobs in my hand and started playing with it I unbuttoned the blouse and unhooked the bra and opened the knot of her petikot during all this process she was moaning but her eyes where closed. But when I put my hand in her panties she stopped my hand and opened her eyes she saw me and smiled at me I did the same. She pointed her hand towards AC I went and made the AC more fast then later she told me to remove my shorts I did the same till all this she had took off her blouse, bra & panties and now she was only in petikot pulled up till her breast I again came near her and sat on her stomach I kissed her while kissing I removed her earrings, and chain (mangalsutra) and kept it aside, made her hair loose. Now I was kissing more hardly, she entered her tongue in my mouth and sends some saliva into my mouth. Also did the same. After this I kissed on her cheeks and lips and her neck I licked he armpits too, which were having taste of sweat. Hmmmm I really loved it.

After all this I sat on her stomach and saw her she was looking really sexy. I said, " I love u " she said me too, and we both hugged each other. Later I came down to lick her pussy I saw her pussy was wet. Touched her panties too they were also wet she must have cummed more than 3 times. I came down and shifted her in middle. She opened her legs and invited me I went and started to lick her pussy within some min she cummed twice. I did all tongue fucking, finger fucking I did all. . Now I was veryhorny now. So I again sat on her stomach she holed her breast on my cock and did breast fucking for some time. I got hotter so I sat on her boobs and put my cock in her mouth she told no I asked why? She told she don’t like it. I said this is not fair and saying this I entered my whole cock in her mouth my cock was touching her troath. Then she started sucking it I also started pumping from up with some time I cummed in her and forced her to drink my cum she drank and told she liked it. And made her clean my cock now she guided my hand to her pussy and told she wants here. I said ok and entered my cock in her pussy. But it dint went fully inside I forced but it dint I asked her that my uncle fucked her or no? She said yup but she said her cock was not so big and thick as I have I said ok and told her to be cool. I placed 2 pillows under her ass and told to enjoy it. I entered my cock again and with some jerks it went deep inside she was crying she told plz don’t it is paining and after some time I put my mouth in her mouth and started fucking her hardly and after 10 min I cummed in her within this she also chummed and I fall down on her. After some time I saw her and asked how is she feeling? She grabbed my hair and kissed me and told she loved it later again after some time my cock again got erect I again inserted in her pussy she told no but I continued and again cummed in her pussy and fall on her in 2 mins I heard the alarm clock of neighbors I saw the clock it was 4: 45 and it was morning I went to slept nude on her body.

When I got up it was 11: 15 in the morning. I was nude and bed sheet was not there, My shorts her bra, panties, blouse, petikot was lying beside me only I sniffed her panties and thought, may be it was a dream. So I wore my shorts and came out side I saw chachi was in kitchen with some vegetables. I saw her she smiled at me I also smiled and said good morning? She told me it is almost good afternoon. Ohh I said and with that I put my hand in shorts to scratch my butts she saw it and said wait wait wait. I was amazed to see what she wants to say she said the door is open and somebody is outside and saying that she left I dint understand what she was telling .so I saw her and went into the balcony afterwards she came in 10 min with a 2 cup of coffee she gave one to me and she hold the other. I saw some children were playing cricket down. She stood beside me and asked how was the night? I said why? She asked did I enjoy or no? I was confused that whether all happened in night was truth or a dream I said I enjoyed. She said want some more? Said yes. With this she bent on her knee and pulled my shorts down. Then I realized that all was the truth, and started sucking it. I got the grip of her hairs and started enjoying it too. With couple of mins I was about to cum she said wait and put my cock in her coffee cup and I loaded my load in her coffee cup. I relaxed and was almost sweating. She saw at me and drank the whole coffee with my cum.

I saw at her, she smiled me too smiled. She asked wants masti? I nodded my head and saying I got her up in my arms and carried her in bedroom. She said she will close the door and come. Till while I put on AC and was arranging clothes she came and told me no no need to masturbate on my clothes in future I can have her anytime she wants and saying this she pushed me down and climbed on me I licked her pussy, and most important I fucked her ass for first time, wow what a enjoyment and painful was that for me and she, I shall let u all. Ufffff, ok any way bye folks it’s now my time for masti with chachi and her sis see u all later.

Any ladies, gals, females, aunties, any one here who wants sexual satisfaction plz be freely to contact me. In the next I shall tell u how did I get my bua and my chachi older sis and their friends in my next stories. Anyone for any problem confidence guaranteed 100% & expected plz feel freely to contact me at,

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