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Fantasy Of A Horny Girl.

Hi, readers, smartlook81 again, now this is my dear lover fantasy and she asked me to write this story, thanks dear, my dear fans read and enjoy with this fantasy.
My name is Rama and I am a since graduate,27 years and married with a doctor name Vijai, our marriage is arranged one and my husband is living with his parents and ours is a joint family. I am fair and locking nice with good physic and my assets are my boobs and eyes, any one can turn and locks me again while I am going to shopping or any other out side works . Vijai is working in local government hospital and he is normal in sex matters, but I am very horny girl and I have a lot of fantasies in my mind. My married life is going normal and being a house wife and belongs to a respectable family I have some restrictions in my family. We are 4 member in our family, my father-in-law and mother-in-law are also with us. I am attending to my regular house hold works and we have a maid to work in our house, she is around 35 years and very black and good personality with big boobs, her waist folds two sides and looks very sexy and she always fold her sari round to her waist and her sari pallu is not properly covering her boobs while she is doing her house hold works. Some times half of her boobs and nipples are clearly visible, and some times she is working in kitchen she fold her sari above her knees and her thighs are also visible to me, she have strong body and looks very sexy.

My father-in-law is around 50 years and with strong body, hairy chest, semi white hair and looks like Hollywood actor, we have our own fields in our village and some times he will go and spend some time in our village and look after our fields, my mother-in-law is weak personality and she is always in her room and spending her time reading books and watching TV programs . We have our separate bed rooms and dining hall, visitors hall and kitchen in the ground floor, and our bed room is in first floor and my father-in-laws bed room is arranged in ground floor due to my mother-in-laws convenience. In the visitors hall we have a TV and in our bed room we have another personal TV, VCR and all comforts arranged for our luxurious life. Our kitchen is clearly visible to the visitors who are sitting in the visitors chairs, I am lonely in the house and our maid doing all house hold works and I am helping her sometimes in her works. She is coming in the morning around 6-30 AM and leaving around 2-00 in the afternoon after completing all works, she again come to work in the evening around 6-00 and leaves at around 8-00, if there was any personal work she may not come in the evening times. My husband is purely professional minded and he leaves around 9-00 AM and come home for lunch at around 2-00 and again he leaves around 3-30 and come home by 10-30 PM in the nights. This is our family characterization. Mostly my self or our maid will attend to our father-in-laws works, if he wants any thing my self of our maid will attend for it.

I have married Vijai 2 years back and since these 2 years I feel that I have not enjoyed my sex life as I like, he came about 10-00 or 10-30 PM and usual fucking(dengulata, ekkadam digadam) no horny moods or nothing in my sexual game. I observed that My father-in-law is having affair with our maid, mostly I spend my leisure time in my room.

Watching TV or reading books, while I am coming to the ground floor I heard some sexy talks between my maid and my father-in-law, I confirmed that he is fucking(dengutunnadu) our maid. This thought in my mind is giving me more horny feelings and I decided to watch them while they are in fucking . So one afternoon at about 11-00 I told my maid that I am not feeling well and take rest, and ask her to complete the works and arrange dinner on the table and call me when she is leaving. Mostly my mother-in-law is not interested in house hold works and she spend her time in her room . So my father-in-law is having lot of time to spend with our maid. This day I went to my bed room and thinking about these two how they utilize this time, after one hour I slowly opened my room doors and slowly came into the balcony and watching where the maid is. I slowly get down from the steps and went to the kitchen, she is not there, my father-in-law is also not in the visitors hall and I heard some sounds from the store room, the store room is half door open and I heard the sexy sounds from that room, I slowly went near to the door and look in side the room, ohhhhh there my father-in-law is fucking our maid(pani manishi ni dengutunnadu) they are full nude and my father-in-law is lay on our maid and fucking her(maa maamagaaru panimanishe paina padukuni dengutunnadu) she is moaning ohhhhhhhhh yes fuck me hard, (dengandi gattigaaa) suck my boobs(naa sallu chikandi)ohhhhhhhhh yes like that(alagee bagaaaaa) our maid is raising her ass(maa panimanishi pirralu paike etti denga mani palavaristondi) and moaning ohhhhhh yes fuck me hard, I am out of my mood and immediately went to my room and close the door and lay on my bed, and thinking about the hard fucking in the store room, my cunt is wet and my nipples became hard,(naa puku tadi, tadi ga aipoyindi, naa sannu muchikalu gatti paddai) My husband didn't do such a hard fuck to me in these days, my mind is fully on this hard and rough fuck(naa manasanta ee dengulata meede undi), my eyes turned red(naa kallu erra baddai), I switch on the TV and watching some programs and , I went to bath room and refresh my self and ready for her call, at about 1-30 she came to my room and knocked the door, I opened the door and she told me that all works are over and she is leaving, I think in my mind yes all her works are over, I observed her, I find satisfaction on her face and she asked me how is my health, I told her I am all right, and she left, now I have to get down and face my father-in-law at the dining table, today this thought makes me more horny and I come in side and looked my self in the mirror and apply some makeup to my face, and went down,(really I looks beautiful, but today why I am behaving like this I don't know) my father-in-law is sitting on the sofa and watching TV, I asked him if he will take his lunch, generally he take his lunch and dinner alone, and I take my lunch and dinner along with my hubby, to day while I am serving lunch to my father-in-law my sari pallu is not properly hold on my shoulders and my mind is not in my control, generally some time I wear nighty while doing house hold woks and some times I wear sari, I wear my sari below my navel and my belly and deep navel is clearly visible.

Some time I wear sleeveless blouse also, my father-in-law is regularly observing my assets and I don't mind for it till today, but today my mind is out of my control and two, three times my sari pallu fell down while I am serving lunch to him. He completed his lunch and went to his room for rest, around 2-30 my hubby came for lunch and we have our lunch and we went to upstairs, and he take rest for some time and will go to his hospital work, evening around 6-00 our maid came for work and now I wear a nighty no bra, but I wear panty, and I am helping her in kitchen, I am observing my father-in-law he is some times watching TV and some times watching me, and our maid also, she wear a white flowers sari, and looking very horny this evening. I told her that I will take bath and come, I went upstairs and locked my room, I think in my mind this evening may be they fuck(ee roju saayantram kuda dengulata vundemo anukunna), usually I take nearly 30 minutes to take my bath, so they have time to fuck, but now where they will do it , I think in my mind and spend another 15 minutes in my room and slowly I opened my door and without any noise I get down and looked in to the kitchen the door is half closed and there are some sounds are coming from the kitchen, and my heart is beating heavily, if I go near the door and have a look in to the kitchen, suddenly if my father-in-law come out of the kitchen, I may caught red-handed by him, but my mind is not in my control and I am very horny and to look this fuck, I took courage and slowly went near to the door and looked in side, ohhhhhhhh in the kitchen my father-in-law is fucking our maid in dogy style and (maa pani manishi ne naa mama ongo petti dengutunnadu) she is opened her blouse buttons and lifted her sari upto her ass and my father-in-law is fucking her and he is pressing her boobs with his to hands(maa panimanishi blouse buttons teeseesindi, naa maama daani sallu rendu chetulato pattukoni pisukutu dengutunnadu) she is moaning, ohhhhhhhhhh yes fuck me hard, yes ohhhhhh, uuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, aaaaaa yes, and my father-in-law is also moaning, yes I will fuck your cunt, u bitch, yes ur cunt is beautiful ohhhh, (naa maama kuda muulugutunnadu, nee puku bagundee, ninnu denguta lanjaaa, ohhhh ani) I am not in my control and slowly I returned and went to my room and I lay on my bed and keep my thighs wide and hold my palm on my cunt(nenu naa room loki vachi mancham meeda padukuni naa todalu vedalpu chesi naa ara cheyyi naa puku meeda veskuku nokkukuntunnaaaaaaaa) and pressing my cunt. Ohh its hell , slowly I put my finger in my cunt and licking my cunt with my finger, with my another hand I am pressing my boobs, (nenu naa velu pukulo pettukoni aadinchu kuntu, naa rendo chetito naa sallu nalupukuntunna) ohhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm, its lovely, yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhh, I am cumming and my fingers are wet with my cunt juice(nenu mulugutunna ohhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmmmmm, yesssssssss, chala bagundi, uuuuuuuu, naa velu tadi, tadi ayyindi naaku kaari poindi). My hubby is trying for a job in US since one year and this night he told me that he may go to US in the next month, and within 3 months he will try to get visa for me also, he is in very good mood and we spend a good time this night. The time came and my hubby went to US for his job. From that day I feel very lonely and also very horny if my hubby is here he may fuck me once in a day, now I am very disturbed by the fucking session of my father-in-law, with our maid, mostly our maid and my father-in-law are fucking every day and I am very crazy to watch them, and I put my fingers in my cunt and getting wet. One day that is after 10 days my hubby left to US, I wear a sleeves blouse and sari and helping our maid in the kitchen, and she is preparing lunch, I observed that my father-in-law is watching and I have no bra and petty coat, only I wear a panty, so my all assets are clearly visible to him, he is looking very horny and asked me to bring coffee, I asked our maid to prepare coffee to him and I took the coffee and give it to him, wontedly I think he touched my fingers, and I returned to kitchen, my body is sweating, and I am not in good mood, after 15 minutes our maid is doing some out side works and I am in the kitchen, he just came near to the kitchen and enquired what preparations are going on, I told him the menu , he said some changes and came near to me and asked me to give sample to taste the preparations, I give him sample , while taking sample from the dish my sari pallu fall on my hand and my boobs are clearly visible to him, I adjusted my sari pallu and give him the sample he tasted it and said very nice, and he left the kitchen, the kitchen work is over and I came out from the kitchen and went to my room for refresh my self, he know that I will spend more than a hour in my room, I went to my room and closed the door, and immediately I removed my sari and looked my beauty in the mirror, I am in heat and I pressed my belly and navel and automatically my palm is pressing my pussy,(nenu naa gadi lo ke vachi naa chira vippesa, naa sariram addam lo chusukunna, naa cheti to naa potta, boddu nokkukunaa, naa ara cheyya naa puku meeda vesi adumukunnaa, naa sariram vedi to kali potondi) ohhhhhh, my cunt is wet, I went to bath room and opened the tap, and take full bath and my body is cool now, I wear a sleeveless nighty and slowly I opened the door and stood in the balcony and observing what is going on in the ground floor, its normal, no sounds, and I suspected that they are in store room, I slowly get down and went near the store room and there my father-in-laws voice is coming in sexy soundssssssss, hooooooooo, yessssssss u bitch, fuck me, hooooooooooo, I will fuck u ramaaaaaaaa, yes fuck me,(rama nenu ninnu dengutunaa, ohhh nuvvu nannu dengu ohhhhhh) I was stunned, he is dreaming me and fucking our maid and before her he spell my name, I am very near to the door and hearing what he is talking, he is in very horny mood and fucking our maid and says ohhhhh rama dear come and fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuummmmmmmm,(ohhh ramaa raa nannu dengu ) his cock is coming in and out from the cunt of our maid and she is moaning, fuck me ohhhhhhhhhh, raja ohhhhhh yes fuck me hard, ohhhhhhh, yesssssssss, he is moaning yes ramaa dear I will fuck u hard ohhhhhhhh , your boobs are so beauty, I will suck them and I will eat yr cunttttttttttttt, ohhhhhhh nice,((ohhh ramaaa nee sallu naluputaaaa, nee puku naakutaaa, nee sallu chala baaguntaai,) I am not able to stood there and went to my room and lay on my bed and thinking about the fucking my father-in-law with our maid, he loudly spell my name before her, ohhhhhh my god, I remembered now some times while I am talking to her she smiled and said madam you are very beautiful, and one day while she is giving me hair bath with shampoo nuts, after finishing the shampoo bath she told me madam while giving shampoo bath I have to wash your back also it is not my word, our elders says, I laughed at her allow her to wash my back, at that time I am on my petticoat on my boobs and the knot is at front side and between my boobs, she slowly open the knot and loose the petticoat and I release it she slowly take soap and applying on my back and while doing it she is touching my sides and her hands are touching my boobs, ohhhhhhh I am in horny and I asked her stop and go,(oka roju naaku tala stanam cheyisundaga, tanu naaku kunkude kaayala rasam posina vallu naddi kuda ruddalani mana peddavalu cheparu, madam, nenu mee naddi tomana, ani andi, nenu navvi sari anna, nenu langa naa salla paiki mude vesi kurchonna, tanu nemmadiga naa langa mudi vippi, soap to naa naddi tomutondi, appudu tanu chetulu naa salla ke tagulu tunnai, naaku kasi ekki potondi, nenu enka chalu ani cheppi tanani velli pommanna) she smiled and left the bathroom, so this maid explained all this to my father-in-law I think, my body is now in heat and I am not in control how can I control, my sexy body want a man and I want a deep fuck(naa sariram veedekki potondi, ela apagalnu, naaku kasiga vundi, naaku oka manishi kaavali nannu gattiga dengali), generally while our maid leaves she came to my room and says that she is leaving, today also she knocked the door and said madam I am leaving, I looked at her she is very satisfied with fucking of my father-in-law, and she looked at me and said madam are u OK, I said I am not feeling well and its only just headache she asked me if she apply any balm or something to get relief, I said no, then she left, after 10 minutes my door is knocked, I opened the door, and my father-in-law is there and asked me how are you, Radha, maid told me that you are not feeling well, (I think in my mind now I allow him to do some thing) I told him that I am feeling headache and he asked me if he can help to apply any balm to get relief, I said yes and we came to my room and he asked me to sit in the chair and he get the pain balm and took some balm into his fingers and come near to me and asked me to sit freely and he applying balm on my forehead and rubbing my head smoothly and I closed my eyes and opened my legs freely, my father-in-law is applying balm and smoothly he is rubbing my forehead, his legs touching my legs and I opened my legs wide and he adjusted him self between my legs and rubbing balm on my head,(naa maama pain balm naa nuduru meeda raasunnadu, nenu naa rendu kallu baaga chaapi kurchunna, naa kaalu maama kallaki tagulutunnai, naa vuuperi chala ekkuvaga vastondi, naa sallu kadulutunnai) ohhhhhhhhhhhh my breath is heavy and my boobs are swinging with my heavy breath, I am in sleeveless nighty, and he slowly rubbing my neck and asked me how it is, I am moaning, ohhhhhhh nice do it, yesssssssss, he went to bath room and washed his hands and asked me to lay on the bed and take some rest, I stood up and went to bed, while going I just ready to fell down, he caught my waist and walked with me and hold me tight with his hands and I sit on the bed and he also sit next to me and asked me how do u feel,(naa maama bathroom ke velli chetulu kadukoni vachi, radha ala mancham meeda paduko annadu, nenu sari ani lechi mancham daggarku vellutu padaboyanu, naa maama naa nadumu patttuku nannu mancham daggaraku teesuku vachadu, nenu mancham meeda kurchonna, naa prakkana naa maama kurchonnadu, neeku ela vundi ani adigaadu, ) I said its some thing ok, and I lay on my bed he sit very near to me and hold his hand on my fore head and while doing, his hand is pressing my boobs, he is creasing my cheeks and neck and I am closing my eyes and he slowly put his hand on my boobs and pressing is smoothly, I am in heaven and moaning ohhhhhhhhhhh mama yes ohhhhhhhhhhh, he get the signal, and kiss my lips and I open my mouth and allow his tongue in my mouth, ohhhhhhhhh yes rama, ohhhhhhhh suck my lips dear(nenu mancham meeda padukunaa, naa maama naa prakkana kurchoni naa tala meeda cheyya pettadu, ala cheyya petti tana mochetito naa sallu adumutunnadu, naa buggalu, meda raastunnadu, nenu kallu muusukunnaa, nemmadega tana cheyye naa sannu meeda vesi nemmadiga naa sannu nokkutunnadu, naaku swargam lo vunnattu vundi, neenu mulugutunaa, alageeeeee, mama yesssssssss, tanaki ardham ayyindi, tanu naa pedala meeda muddu pettukunnadu, nenu naa nooru terichi tanaki daari ichaanu, tana naaluka naa notilo petti naa ku muddu pettadu, tanu kasi ga mulugutunnaadu, ramaaaa naa pedaalu cheeku, ohhhhh), I took his lower lip in my mouth and sucking it smoothly and he completely lay by my side and raised my nighty up to my stomach and pressing my cunt with his palm(naa maama naa prakkana padukoni naa nighty ne naa potta daaka jaripi tana ara chetito naa puku adumutunnadu,) ohhhhhhhh I am in horny and he is pressing my boobs with his two hands and moaning ohhhhhhhhhh rama, my darling ohhhhhhhh how big your boobs, ohhhhhh sweety, open your nighty, I opened my nighty from my shoulders and now my milky white boobs are in air, and he is mad of seeing my nude milky boobs and he hold his face on my boobs and rubbing his face on my boobs, I am mad and I hold his head and pressing his head on my boobs, he took one boob in his mouth and sucking my nipples and with another hand he is rubbing my cunt lips,(naaku kasi perigi potoondi, naa maama naa sallu pisukutunnadu, tana rendu chetulu naa sallu meeda vesi gattiga pisukutunnadu, ohhhh raama nee nighty teeseai, nenu naa nighty ne prakkaki tappincha naa bujaaala meedanunchi, naa sallu rendu ksiga chustunnai, naa maama tana tala naa salla meeda petti gattiga naa sallu adumukunnadu, ohhhhhhhh nenu tana talani naa salla meeda nokkukunnaaa, tanu naa sannu notilo pettuku ni naa muchika cheekutu, tana renko cheti to naa puku pedalu naluputunnadu)

He put his finger in my cunt and licking my cunt with his fingers, I took her lips and sucking them with desire, he asked me to stood up and I did, he removed my nighty and he removed his lungi(naa maama nannu nuncho mani naa nighty teesesaadu, tanu tana lundgi kuda teesesaadu) now we are full nude and he hugged me whit his hands and kissing my neck and bite my neck with his teeth, I am mad and I hugged him tight and rubbing his ass with my two hands, and he is moaning, ohhhhhhh ramaaaaaaaaaa, I fuck u hard, ohhhhh his full erect cock is touching my pubic area, and he sit on his knees and kissed my navel and pubic area and slowly with his tongue he is licking my cunt lips, ohhhhh mamaaaaa do it yes eat my cunt,ohhhhhhh I pressed his head to my cunt(memeddaram purthiga nagnamga nilabaddam naa maama nannu gattiga kowgalinchukunnadu, tanu naa meda meeda muddu petuukuni palla to nemmadiga korukutunnadu, nenu pittiga tanani gattiga kowgalinchukuni naa chetulato tana pirralu naaku adumukunnaaa, tanu mulugutunnadu, ramaaaa ninnu gattiga dentutaaaaaaaa, tanu mokallameeda kurchoni naa pottikadupu, boddu, tana naaluka to raastunnadu, naaku pitchiga vundi, tana naaluka to naa puku pedaalu kelukutunnadu, ohhhh, nenu tana tala ni naa puku meeda ruddukunna, maama naa puku teneaiiiiiii) he asked me to open my thighs and he sit between my thighs and adjusted him self and hold his mouth on my cunt and sucking it smoothly, and with his two fingers he opened my cunt lips and put his tongue in my cunt and licking it ohhhhhhhhh he is licking my clitoris , I am mad and I am moaning ohhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss, hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa, mamaaaaa do it yesssssss there, lick it hard, hohhhhhhhhhhhhh, he came on me and put his erect cock on my navel and rubbing it in my navel I am mad and asked me to fuck my navel, he laughed and came to my chest and asked me to press my boobs with my hands and he put his cock between my boobs and I am pressing my boobs and his cock is between my boobs, ohhhhhh he is fucking my boobs, and moaning, ohhhhhhhhhh ramaaaaaaa, I will fuck u ohhhhhhhh yes try to kiss my cock, yesssss, I open my mouth and with my tongue I try to touch his cock head but its difficult for me, I asked him to fuck me, he lay on my and I open my thighs wide and he pushed his cock with one stroke ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, his erect cock is entered in my cunt,(maama nannu paduko mani tanu naa todal madhyana tala petti naa puku naakutunnadu, naa puku paluku,(clitoris) naaluka to podustunnadu, naaku pitchiga vundi ohhhhh maama yes akkade podu bagaaaaaaaaa, ummmmmm, yessssssss gattiga podu, yeeeeeeessssssssss, Tanu paike lechi naa meedaki vachi tana sulla na boddu daggara pettti aadistunnadu, naaku kasiga vundi, maamaa naa boddu, dengutaavaa enti ani adiga, tanu navvi, naa salla meedaki vachi tana sulla naa salla Madhya na petti nannu sallu to sulla ni press cheyya manndu, ohhhh tanu naa salla madhana sulla to dentutunnadu, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, kasi ga vundi,maama nenu aaagalenu naa puku dengu anna, tanu naa meeda padukoni, tana sulla okka saariga naa pukoloki toosaadu, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaamaaaaaaaaa yesssss), he is stroking and fucking my hard and my boobs are swinging, he hold my boobs and fucking me hard and I raised my ass and ohhhhhh mama yes fuck me ohhhhh yes fuck me hard heeeeeeeee uuuuuuuu,yes our bodies are sweating, he is fucking me hard and I hold my legs on him and raised my ass and he hold me tight and cummed in my cunt ohhhhhhhh raaaaaamaaaaaaaaaa, I hold him tight and kissed his lips and released my legs he lay on me asked me how it is I kissed his lips and said mamaaaaaaa, I am mad to fuck you, he went to bathroom and washed his body and came and wear his lingi and sit in the chair, I also washed my cunt and wear my nighty and sit on the bed, I am very shy to talk to him, he came to me and sit next to me and hold my waist and said Rama I know u watched me fucking our maid, and also I know that you are very horny and he is pressing my boobs and, I am moaning, hoooooo, mamaaaaaa, plezzzzz stop now and its 3-00 PM and we will take our lunch, he laughed and first he left the room and after some time I went to the ground floor and arranged our lunch, I sit opposite to him while taking lunch he is touching my legs with his leg and rubbing my legs, I laughed and said plez complete the lunch. We comepleted our lunch and he said in a low voice that he will come to my room within 15 minutes, I laughed and while washing my hands at wash basin he hold my boobs and pressing them smoothly and moaning ohhhh Rama I am mad of these globes, I turned towards him and he kissed my lips and I said mama plezz leave me, and I went to my room, I lay on bed and thinking about the fuck with my mama, I won't expect this so early, ohhh he is really very strong and good fucker, while thinking about this my hand automatically raised my nighty and I touched my cunt and I am pressing my cunt with my palm and put my finger in it and licking my cunt, hooooooooo my cunt is wet, these thoughts made me a slave to my mamaa, ohhhhhh yessssssss, I am moaning, the door knocked and I opened the door my mama came in and closed the door and hugged me tight and kissing my lips and I open my mouth and allowed his tongue in my mouth he is sucking my tongue and ohhhhhhhh what a sweet kissssssssss, we drink our saliva he slowly removed my nighty and also his lungi now we both are nude, (naa maama lopalaki vachi talupu meesadu, nannu gattiga kowgalinchkuni naa pedala meeda muddupetuukunnadu, neenu naa noru terachi maamaki daari ichaanu maama naa naaluka cheekutnnadu ohhhhhh memeddaram maa lalajalam tragam, maama naa nighty veppsadu, tana lungi kuda vippi muula padesadu, memeddarm nagnamga vunnam)my mama is hugged me tight and kissing all over my body, my neck, my ears, my lips and he took my boobs in his mouth and sucking my nipples, ohhhhhhhh my nipples are hard and I am moaning, ohhhhhhh mama suck my nipples, yessssss lick my nipples, ohhhhhhh look at them how hard they are, my nipples are bright with his saliva, he is rubbing my cunt with his palm and slowly he sit on his knees and kissing my belly and navel, ohhhhhhhh mama plessssssss, I pressed his head on my navel, he put his tongue in my navel and licking it, ohhhhhhhh mama I am mad, he slowly kissing my pubic area and put his tongue on my cunt lips and licking my cunt, I opened my legs wide and give him full way,(naa mama nanu gattega kowgalinchukone, naa naa ollu anta muddulu pedutunnadu, naa meda, naa chevulu, naa pedalu, tanu naa sallu totilokit teesukoni muchikalu cheekutunnadu, nenu mulugutunna, ohhhhhh yes cheeku, naa muchikalu chuudu, enta gatti paddayooo, ohhhhh alageeeeeeeee, mama tana chetetoo naa puku meeda raastunnadu, tanu mookallameeda kurchoni, naa potta meeda, boddu meeda muddupettukunnadu, tana naalukato naa boddulo podustunnadu, ohhhh naaku pitchigaa vundi, tanu nemmadiga naa pottikadupu meeda muddupettukoni, tana naalukato naa puku pedalu meeda podustunnadu, nanu naaa kallu edam chesi tanaki daari itchaa) he is sucking my cunt lips and put his tongue in my cunt, ohhhhhh I am not able to control this action, and asked him to stood up and we lay on bed , my mama asked me that he fuck between my boobs, I laughed and said come on, do it, he sit on my heart and took my boobs together with his hands and put his cock between my boobs and jerking his cock, ohhhhhhhh my body is shivering, I am moaning ohhhhhh mama plezzzzz fuck meeeeeeeeee, he sit between my thighs and open my cunt lips and pushed his cock in my cunt, ohhhhhhh his cock is fully entered in my cunt and he is jerking his cock, ohhhhh I am moaning mama fuck me hard yessssss, come on lay on me kiss my boobs and fuck me hard, ohhhhhhhh yes, he lay on me and pressing my boobs and fucking me hard, he took my nipple in his mouth and sucking it and fucking meeeeeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhh I raised my ass and I hold my hands on his ass and pressing it hard, ohhhhhhhhh he is fucking me and ohhhhhhh moaning Rama ohhhhhhh you are my love ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss mama fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, he cummed in my cunt, and lay on me and kissed my lips, ohhhhhhhhh Ramaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I released him and we went to bathroom and cleaned overself.(mana naa puku pedalu cheekutunnadu, tana naaluka naa pukulo petti kelukutunnadu, nanu aagalekapotunna, nenu mamato anna padukunadamani, memu mancham meeda padukunnam, mama anndu nee sallu Madhya sulla pette dengutaa ani, nenu navvi sari anna, tanu naa pain kurchoni, tana sulla naa rendusalla madhayana petti uuputunnadu, ohhhhhhhhhh naaku kasiga vundi, anaa ollu kadulutondi, nenu maamani dengamanna, mana naa rendutodal madhyana kurchoni naa puku pedalu vedadeesi tana sulla naa pukuloki toosadu, ohhhhhhhhh tana sulla naa pukuloki purthiga vellindi, ohhhhhhhh tana uuputunnadu, gattigaaaaaaaa, nenu mulugutnna, mama naa paina padukooo dengu baagaaaaaaa, raaaaaaa mamaaaaaaaa, tanu naa paina padukone naa sallu pisukutuuu, muchikalu notilopettku cheekut gattiga dengutunnadu, nenu naaa pirralu paiki etti gattigaa tana pirralu naa puku ke adumukunnaaaaaaa, tanu mulugutnnadu, ramaaaaa enta baagunnaveeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhh, nenu mulugutunna, mamaaaaaa dengu gattigaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss tanu nannu gattiga pattukuni karchukunnadu, memu iddaram bathroomki velli kadukkunnam.)

Dear readers this is a fantasy of my lover and she asked me to write her fantasy and send it to my fans and readers, hi, are u happy my love, read your fantasy and chat with me how u feel, and keep your cunt clean, dear, ohhhhhhh its wet, full juice came out,ohhhhhhh yes give it to me dear. Mail me your My My yahoomessenger:bobba_ramana2001.

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