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Sis On Sis (Part III)

Jyoti ate my cunt for almost half an hour without stopping that day. I have never since had such good head from anyone -- except her. I suppose it could have been the newness of the experience that made it especially intense, but I have to admit that she was prodigious. She was a natural. It all added up to utter rapture. She took me to a place I could have never even imagined a few hours before. I was literally changed forever. The thought of that naive girl racing home on her bicycle was like an old home movie! After she was done, she kissed her way up my perspiring length and we began to French kiss again, slowly, hotly. The taste of my own sweaty spunk was heavy and sweet and sour and organic and metallic and cloying. I eagerly tasted myself from her swollen lips. And then I asked if I could do her. She got up, stretched, moved her jaw around exaggeratedly and rolled her eyes, smiling. What a sister -- always joking -- even at times like this! She asked me to scootch down and mounted the bed kneeling, so her calves framed my head and her vagina was over my face. It looked just like mine! And I could smell her, hot and sweet with sweat and spunk -- a little headier and stronger than mine! I piled pillows under my head so I could reach, and there I was -- heaven! Reaching around her thigh and then back with one hand, I stroked her vagina, which was hairier than mine, but looked and felt amazingly similar in every way. My other hand spread one ass cheek apart. Her beautiful cunt was mine all mine. Wait'll I tell mom you're not a virgin!, I teased, spanking her slender butt. Who was it, Chetan or Baabluu? She said nothing, but answered by getting back to work on my virgin pee pee, now with her mouth and slickened fingers. Our bodies were a perfect fit, and the perspiration that developed between our bellies felt cool on us whenever our skin parted. I parted the slick, pliable lips of Jyoti's mound and felt her wetness, looking for and finding her swollen clitoris. She squirmed and giggled and asked if I needed help. Uh uh, I said, smiling, You've shown me enough! My lips met hers. Soft, so soft! And the elusive little wings of her labia seemed to just glide off my lips with slickness as I tried to nibble them between my lips and tongue. Once trapped, they were spongy and substantial and delicate and sweet, the inside pinker and membrane smooth, and the edges slightly bumpy and softly rough. I ran my tongue tip over the edges. Then I dug in and I licked her sweet vagina for all I was worth. I closed my eyes and just buried my tongue into my sister's cunt, burrowing, darting, digging, lapping, swirling, tickling, nuzzling, sucking, grunting, drooling, frothing, concentrating, spelling my name, then backwards then hers. Her little brown anus was nose level, and it exuded its own exciting scent. It took a little getting used to, but once my nose associated it with the smell of our sweet spunk and sweat, I began to enjoy it and breathed deeply. Soon I was taking looping detours and lashing that anus with my eager tongue, my strong jaw and chin pushing against her cunt to gain leverage, my hands spreading her cheeks as wide as they would go. After a few minutes of my tongue lashing her twat, I concentrated on her swollen clitoris. Jyoti began to breathe harder and paused her own exploration, her head down, moaning hypnotically and swaying. Breathing in rasps, sighing, then shouting, Yes, oooooh....Yes ohhhhhhhhYes! Yes! I don't believe....oh, OhhhhYes, Sujata -YES! Orgasm wracked her, violently shaking her long, lithe body from head to toe. She collapsed, squirming and bucking, clenching my head with her thighs. Jyoti was literally grinding her cunt into my face like a woman possessed. Then loosening, She bent down and began licking my aching clit furiously, erratically, earnestly until I began to come too. We both clasped on to one another and held on for the ride of our lives. We rocked and pitched and moaned and heaved and cried out each other's names and cried real, joyful tears. Somewhere in there, my fingers found their way inside her vagina and anus and I almost lost my rings I fingered her so hard! We came so long and so hard that we both eventually collapsed, completely limp and both drenched with our sweat and our juices. We lay there together for a couple of minutes, just breathing. We finally untangled ourselves and shakily gained our feet. Whewwwww!, we both said as one, then laughed, hugging tenderly, our breasts touching. We were a pair, that's for sure, two lovely, tall young girls, sweaty and spunky. We looked and smelled and felt glorious! My nostrils smelled of her behind and I kept snuffing the wonderful funkiness she had left on me, making us laugh. It was beyond wild. Far, far,far beyond!! I couldn't help but caress her still. I couldn't keep my hands off of her! I was afraid to let go, thinking it all might end. I didn't have to worry. We still had lots of time, so we got into her shower and washed each other, head to toes. We talked and giggled and kissed some more, and she even made me come one more time; my bottom on the edge of the tile shower seat, and her kneeling before me. What a day! Clean and glowing, our hair up in towels, we sat in her room, just talking, and smiling. We had fallen in love with one another. We could both feel it. I had a nervous pit in my stomach. It was the strangest feeling -- I felt as if I were falling, spinning, losing myself to this thing between us, but I didn't care. She said she felt the same! We weren't just sisters anymore, we were lovers -- good, desireful lovers, deeply involved, and, as always before, we were friends, too. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, like, why didn't one of us think of this sooner? By the time our parents and brother returned, we had retreated to our separate rooms in the house and all was seemingly normal. I had trouble looking at shyam the same way, and desperately wished to see his penis in action! He didn't notice, but went right up to his room, locking the door! Snicker! Although we both went off to different colleges (she went that August), and she has since married and has children, our love affair has never ended. I have remained single and do not want the burden of marriage. I like men and love heterosexual sex! (It turns out, I am bisexual. Go figure!) Men are the greatest -- except for Jyoti, of course! That's it. I'm going to go masturbate to this story right now. 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