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Hi everybody, I am satish 20 yrs old, and want to share my experience that I had with my aunty, I use to got to her house occasionally, I had a eye on her, because she had very big and cute boobs, slim figure. One day my uncle (ie my aunt’s husband) was packing his clothes, I asked him are you going to any place, he said he is going for his friends marrige,then I came to my house with my uncle ,he requested my parents that send satish to sleep in his house as his wife will be alone and to take care of her when he is out for a marriage ( Because he had a very good opinion on me ).then I thought in my mind that this is the right time to have sex with the aunty. That evening I went to her house, and watched t.v(both of us) till 9 pm and then we had dinner, and she said to me u can sleep, and I asked her u, she said I will be back after a while and went to latrine, I was fully tempted and my cock was erected, and I went to latrine, there was a small hole through that I peeped and saw the pussy. For a moment I was shocked because that was the first time to see a pussy in front of my eyes. She was finishing her work and I ran to the room, she came to bed room in nighty, her boobs was piercing in to my eyes, she had very sexy body. Then she layed on her bed facing her ass towards me, and I started masturbating for a while and then I went to her bed and pressed her ass very roughly, she started scolding me and told her the truth that I need u, then she said NO satish NO satish, I said aunty plz plz , any how I convinced her for having sex with me, I kissed her for nearly 20 min she had very good lips, later I moved my hand to her right boobs and squeezed her boob she shouted SLOWLY PLZ , and I took her boobs in to my mouth, it was a great experience for me, then I removed her nighty and her panties and made her naked and she undressed me, I pushed her in to the bed and opened her thighs and started to insert my tongue in to her pussy, first I felt shy and hesitation for that later I enjoyed a lot, she took my cock in to her mouth and started to play with my cock, then I started kissing her body which was soft and sexy, then I inserted my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her, she was shouting FUCK ME FUCK ME, after some time I took out my cock and started to kiss her lips, thighs and her ass, and then again I started fucking her for about 10-15 min and finally the fluid came out and by that time the time was around 11.00 – 11.30 pm she went out of the bed for cleaning her pussy and myself my cock, there also (in the bathroom) I kissed her pussy and rubbed my body with her she took my cock in her hand and started masturbating ,after that we went to bed for sleep.

And whenever his husband will be away we will enjoy a lot.

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Any aunties (specially from mysore or bangalore) can contact me.

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