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Joy's Experience With Sushmita.

Hi readers,I am joydeep from I am going to tell one of my experience,which happened a few weeks back when our exams were over.we had known each other for two years and believe me guys she is one real sexy about 38-29-36.
On the last day of our exam we decided to go for a movie.we went for a taboo movie as both of us are fond of her.while we were sitting in the darkness of the theatre,I felt her closeness to the interval she suddenly got up and her left boob brushed against my was so soft,my fingers nearly touching her tender nipple.she did not say anything but smiled lightly.I could feel her nipples were erected,may be because of the erotic scenes between taboo and nagarjuna.after the movie she behaved with me in a very normal way,as if nothing had happened.but I was feeling guilty in my mind.she asked me to come to her place if I was free in the evening.I readily agreed and we took a cab.

When we reached her home I found her taking keys out of her bag.I asked her,"isn't there anybody in there?"she smiled and said "no".we went in her room and she asked me to relax on her bed,while she changes and comes.I was sitting there looking all around her room.I started looking for any magazine there and suddenly to my surprise I found a playboy magazine under her pillow.I also found a rubber pipe there.she was about to come back and hearing her coming out of the toilet I tried to keep things back in was too late and she caught me with the magazine and the pipe in my hand.I was completely embarrassed.she was wearing a very low line nightie which was semitransparent.I could see her private parts through her cloth.I said "sorry I I I was looking for some thing else."she just came and sat close to me and asked me to calm down.I became a bit relaxed at her pleasant behaviour and sat beside her.she was holding my hand and looked directly in my eyes.I could feel what she wanted and kissed her deep on her lips.she took my tongue in and started to suck it wildly.we parted from each other and I asked "are you sure you want to do this?"she replied back"joy you don't know, I have been longing to have you since the day I saw you!pls don't stop,I am all yours pls joy,suck me eat me feel me do what ever you want!"I was aroused by her words and started to kiss her back on her lips,neck,earlobes,eyes.I came down on her boobs and started to press it vigorously.she suddenly moved back and asked me t get naked.she got up and pulled her nightie out of her it was a lovely view,her throbbing melons and her pink panty which I later slid down.I got hold of her boobs and started to suck the right nipple.she moaned"ooooooooh ooooooooh oooooooooh jooy ,fuck me suck me hard tear me off."I was turned on by her and went further down her virgin forest,which was already wet because of her juices flowing out.I sucked her clitoris and she dragged my face deep inside her cunt and moaned"c'mon c'mon c'mon joy yes yes I have never been sucked in life by prasun like this.(prasun is a good and common friend of ours and had already fucked her twice.but the pleasure I was giving her was not given by prasun as he was a quickfaller)I was ready and placed my 9"long dick on her cunt lips.she shivered a little and spread her legs inviting me in her heaven.I slowly started thrashing my hard dick in her cunt.she moaned like hell crying her heart out.with a final blow my dick was all the way in her cunt(in case of prasun he ejaculated as soon as his dick was placed on her pussy,leaving her dissatisfied).I was riding her like hell and she also was enjoying it very much.after about 10 minutes of rigorous fucking we both cummed in each other.she kissed me back and said that she liked it a lot.friends in the next part of my story I will tell you how me,prasun and Amit fucked her together.

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