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By Train To Kanyakumari.

Im a 28 year male from bombay and I have had too many sexual experiences and am a regular visitor to indian passion. Being an architect I have to travel a great deal all over india and therefore spend quite a bit of time on the road or rail. Due to this reason I have made the buses and trains my sex room and what a variety it offers. Women of all ages and desires sweating and moving in rhythm. It’s a great feeling. Most guys would know if they are from a metropolitan city what im talking about because no matter a womans age everyone tries to make a beeline for her and rub against her or squeeze her tits or rub his dick and so on and if lucky one is lucky the woman is hottttttt too. Yeh to sone pe suhaga hai.
This experience occurred in a train from bombay to kerala. As is my habit I travel in unreserved compartments and if there is a lot of rush I love it even more. Naturally I caught a seat next to a woman and her daughter they were sitting near the window seat and I went and sat next to them. Jayanthi janatha as most know starts at 3.30 in the evening and till it got dark I set myself exchanging pleasentries with my neighbours and others in the compartment sitting close to me. The woman was some 40 years old and her daughter was 15 years of age. Being a protective mom the daughter was sitting near the window and the woman next to her and then myself and 4 other guys on a 4 seater can imagine the proximity I had with the mother.i moved a little forward on my seat and opened my news paper and pretended to read allowing her to recline on the back. This gave me an opportunity to rub her tits and I did it innocently while changing the pages and very unconcernedly. She was startled at the beginning but

We had our dinners at 8:0 o clock and were generally idleing our time. We were sitting on the lower berth and due to legs dangling from above the light couldn’t reach us to a great extent and also one bulb was fused. As is my practice I carry a shawl with me for cover up if necessary ad it was december too and cold. I spread the shawl so tat it fell on her too and folded my hands on my chest and pretended to sleep. Doing so I touched my hand o the inside of her arm and the sides of her tits. Thinking me to be asleep she slowly took her hand away from her body allowing my hand to move further in to her body and her tits . she too removed her sheet and put it on her to sleep. I got bolder and pushed my hand bang on here tits and rest my palm on it and moved with the train. A moment later she did the same too and started pressing her tits on my hand. I got so hot that I finally started pressing her tits , though still being cautious and sometimes slipped my hand on to her stomach due to which she shive

Then she called out to her daughter who was listening to the walkman the whole while that she wanted to rest her back o the window and asked her to shift a little forward for some time and covered herself up while reclining with her legs folded and slightly stretched till it reached my butt. I again readjusted my shawl over her and took my hand below her saree and slowly started moving in and lo!! I touched the insides of her thighs. Wowww!! It was so hottt !! slowly but forcing my way I slid my hand furthe in till I reached her panties and started to move my hand on it. Slowly I slid my hand in. she had a forested cunt. I was thrilled since I love hair on cunt a lot and slowly put my finger in. it was so hot.

By this time people started to sleep and as there was no problem of being seen, I gave her cunt a real good shake and made her cum twice. It seemed that she didn’t have a fuck for long and she was not willing to let go of me. It scared me to some extent but I was too hot to think about it. Slowly and staedily I started inserting a finger at a time and put 4 fingers in finally and touched her cunt bottom. It was about 12.0 in the night now. I told her daughter that she could sit where I was sitting so that she wouldn’t strain her back and that ill sit near the window. I told her that her old mom could rest her head on my lap and thereby stretch comfortably while I sat reclining the window. Hesitatingly the girl agreed and told her mom. She agreed too. I sat reclining the window with her moms head on my lap and her daughter near my feet since I sat with my legs folded on top. I covered again with my shawl and the womans head too and pretended to be fast asleep. she played with my dick for a long

Finally we reached kanyakumari and lodged at a hotel near the main bazaar close to the cape. We booked for a weeks time. I had my room adjacent to hers. During the tour I got friendly with the daughter too and she became comfortable with me. At the hotel we washed up and went down to eat. The girl was very excited to go out but being a hot and sunny afternoon her mom didn’t want to go. I too didn’t since she didn’t want to go. I told the girl that ill take her to the bazaar and show her the place and then she could be on her own and could return to the hotel latest by 7.00. she was thrilled, not about being able to go out then but by the fact that she was able to go out alone . her mom protested but I told her not to worry. I left the girl at the bazaar and came straight to their room. Her mom was wearing a saree. I came close to her after locking the door and went and hugged her and kissed her on the lips. She got slightly tensed but I put her at ease. I pushed her on the bed and slowly

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