My First Time with Priya

.I am now settled in California, USA from last 4 years.I will narrate a true incident of my life.

Every year during the summer vacation, I with my brothers and sister would visit our native place where my grandfather used to live. One summer, when I was 15 years old, we were visiting the native place and there we met our cousin Priya.She also used to come there every summer. Priya was about 5 years older to me and had a nice body with good round boobs of 34D size. My grandfather has a big bungalow and we kids used to play in the room on the top floor in the afternoon when all other adults were dozing off. Priya would always be our leader and decided what we should be playing.Priya also had a small bother Mahesh, who was younger to me.So in all we used to be about 4-5 kids, few girls and few boys.

One of the most interesting games of Priya was the she would have eachn one stay with her for a while and the rest of them could stay in the other room till then. I don't know if this game was that interesting to others but it was for me.When it was my turn to be with her, I used to get preety excited. She would take me into the room and then would say, 'why don't you sleep with me'. I use to agree and then she would lie down besides me and move her hand all over my body. This used to excite me a lot but I did not understand what was happening, though it was a nice feeling. She would also open up few buttons of her blouse and expose her nice round boobs cover under her white bra. She would ask me to touch them and fondle them over her bra.I used to love doing that and this went on for about 10 minutes and then it would be someone else's turn to be with her.

This kind of fun continued for few days. Next summer when we met, she hugged me and kissed me when me met.This year she looked more excited. During the hot summer nights when we all slept on the terrace she would always insist on sleeping with me. Since it was only the kids that slept on the terrace, we got a lot of freedom to do whatever we wanted. In the night after everybody slept she used to take my hand and push it under her blouse, asking me to fondle them hard. I used to try pushing my hand all inside, but due to her tight bra, it could not reach her nipples. She then would open up her bra hooks from inside her bloude and set those nice and sweet boobs free for me. In the early mornings before anybody would wake up, she would put my hand between her legs and rub it hard. I used to wake up with excitement and then I would rub her pussy over her panties, which used to be wet.

I enjoyed all this but I was now 16 and wanted more than this.So when I got a chance to talk to her alone, I asked her "Priyadidi I love what we do everynight, but i want more, I want to see all that". she said, "Ok, today afternoon we will play our old game and you will have more fun" That afternoon, I was waiting for Priya's game to start and especially waiting for my turn to come. When It was my turn, she called me in and as usual we slept side by side. She then asked me"Do u want to have fun" I said "yes". She got up and slowly started removing her clothes one by one. She first removed her blouse and then removed her skirt. She was now in her bra and panty. She was looking so sexy. I wanted to touch her. She said wait and then removed her bra and her sexy beautiful boobs sprang free. they were nice firm and round with a dark small circle in the centre and long nipples hanging out.I could'nt resist any more and started touching them and fondling them. She moaned with pleasure and i then started sucking on one of her nipples. She pulled my head onto her boobs and started moaning louder.I was sucking on her boobs like a baby. I did this for few minutes and then my time was up.

Now I was more crazy for her and wanted her more and more. She alos got more excited by the afternoon incident and used to smile at me for no reasons all thoughout the day. That night, when we slept close to each other, She pulled my hand and put it under her blouse, and to my surprise, she wasn't wearing any bra. I got more excited.Then she pushed my hand under her skirt, and wow! no panty either. I just couldn't wait for everybody to sleep. After about an hour, I started moving my hands all over her body, she got excited and held my hand and pushed it into her pussy.It was all wet and sticky, but i was fingering it. She was moaning with peasure then she pulled down my shorts and released my big cock which was all hard and long.She started rubbing her hands all over them and that was making me excited. I continued fingering her pussy and she was rubbing my cock all over.Fanlly she could not resist. She removed my hand from her pussy and went to the bathroom on the same floor, while going, she waved at me to join her.I went behind her. She asked me to get in and then after looking around, she came in too. It was all dark inside with some light from lamp post on the street, but neither of us cared. She went down on her knees and started sucking my cock. I was enjoying every bit. She was moving her hands all over my body and I was in heaven.She was sucking like a hungry dog sucking and She then sucked on my balls and zapped me. Then she got up and removed her blouse and skirt. She was now all naked, she pulled my shorts down and then lay herself on the wet floor in the bathroom.I was all ready for it. I went down on my knees, spread her legs a little and then fingered her pussy for a while and then pushed my long (almost 7" ) cock and shove it in her pussy. She cried out a little. I got afraid and pulled out immediately,but she said no and took my cock in her hand and slowly pushed into her pussy, I the started giving her slow thrusts and she was moaning. I increased my speed and then moving faster and faster was ramming her pussy with large thrusts. I had no control over myself.I was enjoying all that was happening. She was making all kind of noices and was enjoying. Finally I was about to cum and I told her so, She asked me to continue and throw my load into her burning pussy. She also came and her pussy was all dripping with her juices.I then slept on her for a while, still sucking her breasts slowly and steadily. She then cleaned herself and also cleaned my cock.

We then wore our clothes, poured some water in the bathroom and came and slept,with our bodies all clinging to each other. I was a satisfied person now.

After that we did it many a times, during my turn with her in her game. She told me I was very very good and my cock was really nice to satisfy any woman.She asked me if I have been doing this a lot and said no, its my first time. She said you are too good for a first timer. In your city you will be able to satisfy lots of girls.

For few years, we had sex during the summer vacation and then she got married.We did meet on family functions, but did not get a chance to do much.

Any girls and aunties here in California, even moms if interested in some excitement and fun can contact me at All readers of this story please send in your comments and let me know how you liked it.If you don't reply, I may not feel like writing my other sex incidents.


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