Friends In Flight

This happened last month while I returned from Dubai, where I had been for a business trip, an air hostesses was supplying coffee and the other was pouring coffee, when the plane rocked all off a sudden as it went through an air pocket and all the coffee and the cups went flying and some passengers lurched forward, I was in better control as i was still fastened to seat. But one of the

went for a tossand landed with her face on my lap, while spilling all the coffee on my coat. By this

time the pilot had regained the control of the plane and the craft was flying smoothly.

The hostess who had tripped on me got up and said sorry, and cleared the mess. I got up and went

to the rear to request for some water and a towel to clean up myself, the hostess was most kind and

cooperative, while cleaming myself, we had a polite conversation where again she apologised, where I said to her to stop saying sorry as it was not her fault.

Despite that she again said sorry, so I told her that if she really felt that way that she should promise me a date at Bangalore and give me her address if possible, which she agreed and gave me her address.

After touchdown I hired a cab and went to a hotel and checked in. I took a quick shower and ventured

out. Unknowingling i reached the area where Meghna's flat was. ( it was her name ie., the air hostessess) I quickly narrowed on her flat and pressed the calling bell, which opened in a few

seconds, with Meghna at the door.

We greeted each other. She was wearing a pink T-shirtand blue jeans, in which she looked terific.

Entering I quickly looke aroundand learned that she shared her flat two other collegues of hers,

Ruby and Farida, and both of them were there in the bedroom and came out and greeted me.

After a short conversation, myself and Meghna walked out to the street and reached Edisons Hotel and entered the disco. It was great pleasure for me to have a gorgeous lady, of 24, 5.3" with superb

breasts, slim waist and shapely legs. We hit the dance floor and I felt much younger. We danced

a couple of numbers downed a couple of beers and went for the the dinner, this done we walked back,

it was 11.45 now.

Suddenly it began rainingand it seemed it wont stop for couple of hours, so I asked Meghna to come to my room, which she agreed. On entering she took off her shoes and put her lotus feet on the sofa.

I complimented her for her beauty, and i gently began caresing her feet, moving my hands to her

ankles and calves. I kissed her toes, while my hands were running over her feet and toes.

She began to sigh and shifted her weight and opened her knees slightly, which was enough encouragement for me. My mouth, tongue fingers and hands now began roaming al over her.

Her knees now fully opened as a result of my asault, moving up i passionately kised Meghna all

around her vagina over her jeans. This made her tipsy and told me that she had many beautiful

things to show me. She requested me to undress her, which I did most willingly. The sight of her nude body exitede me intensly. Her lovely breasts seemed most inviting and I felt thirsting for it.

Cupping her breasts she said, Look at all these beautiful things" I took her in my arms and kissed

tenderly on her lips on which I said that the most beautiful thing was her heart which she could nor show me. Hearing this she shrugged and hugged me for a whileand gave me akiss on my lips. She

told me that she was a virgin and that the wanted to be deflowered by me. I held her tight and kissed

her and said that I wouldnt make love to her since I wanted her to preserve her virginity for the man

she would marry. On hearing this she was moved and thanked me for my concern.

Moments later, she was ready for the safe game and we began kissing each other, our tongues

feasted each others mouth, later I stated to lick her erect nipplkes one by one, this done I moved

to her belly, navel and vagina, kising and licking the twin valleys betwen her thighs, as my passio-nate lovemaking went on, she kept on urging me enter her.

Watching the response of her aroused body I kissed the lips of her closed vagina with more fervour

thenslowly and lightly i touched her vagina with the tip of my tongue. moving her body forward and

pulling me to her she made my probing tongue penetrate her divide deeper.. Finally unable to see

her in swet agony that i had put her into, I put my tongue deep into her, sucking, licking and kissing

her lipsof her pussy and probing her hot wet vaginal flesh.

Probing momemtarily, i resumed probing her cunt in all coners, finding her clitoris, i began sucking it in a frenzy of passion, by this time Meghna's face and breasts were flushed with sexual exitement

her nipples hard and erect, tiny beads of perspiration began to form on her lips, nose forehead....

Now a spring of vaginal juices now seemed to errupt from the deep valley as i applied my mouth on her

divide to drink the lava as much as I could. Sometime later we changed positions and Meghan took

my Phantom in her mouth. she iused he tongue to the maximum effect al along the shaft. The moving to the crown, she swallowed the entire thing and sucked vigorously.

Thereafter she poked the tip of her tongue into the crack of my Phantom, licking the sticky juice,

suddenly I stopped her and changed positions making her lie flat on her back and resting her legs on my shoulders, then asked her whether my Phantom could kiss her pussy, for which she said

"go on". placing Phantom over her pussy with my hands I moved him over the walls of her vagina

and rotated him a little bit inside her pussy with an idea of giving my Phantom a fair share of this

virgin, since he was not allowed to enter her.

Again we changed positions and she took my entire dick in her mouth in a expert manner, like a

cock sucker, within minutes i exploded inside her mouth which she swallowed with gusto. The she went oof to sleep. I held her close to my chest and we slept till 11.00 am in the next morning.

Ok friends, I intend to stop here and shall be back with the other half of my story with Meghna's

two collegues.

By the way anybody who want to have a great time mail me at



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